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America Removals

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    About America

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    Francis Scott Key & John Stafford Smith
    Francis Scott Key wrote the poem Defence of Fort M’Henry in 1814 which was later put to the tune of John Stafford Smith’s song To Anacreon Heaven. The poem was written after Scott Key witnessed the new American flag flying over the fort the morning after a bombardment from British war ships during the War of Independence. The song received official status in 1931.
    USA Flag

    Flag of the United States
    Referred to as the ‘Stars and Stripes’ and ‘Old Glory’, the 50 stripes represent the 50 states and the 13 stars, the 13 British colonies. The flag has been revised 26 times as states have been added to the union, the current flag has been in use since 1960. The original design (which featured the Union Jack rather than stars) was created in 1777 by Francis Hopkins, a naval flag designer and one of the signees of the Declaration of Independence.

    In God we trust
    USA Seal

    Great Seal
    It features a bald eagle carrying an olive branch and corn, a shield and the inscription “E pluribus unum” (Out of many, one).

    Bald eagle
    There is no singular US variety. There are over 150 species of rose and 1,000s of hybrids. The national tree is the oak.
    There is no official sport
    Baseball holds the de facto title of “National pastime”, however American Football and basketball fans would argue their own sports as number 1. In terms of viewing figures, American football wins, generating higher figures than the other two combined.

    North American bison
    An estimated 30 – 50 million bison once roamed North America, although due to hunting it’s believed the number reached less than a thousand, today it’s estimated there are around 362,000 bison in the US.

    No official dish
    Neither apple pie nor the hamburger have official status. Most US states have their own official dish and while claims could be made for hot dogs, pizza, chowder and meatloaf, the American affinity with the hamburger is certainly a strong case. It’s believed 1 in 8 Americans have worked at a McDonalds restaurant, the US also eats around 100 acres of pizza every day!
    Congress is formed of the House of Representatives (the lower house) and the Senate (the upper house). Congressmen from the House of Representatives are there to represent the local population, Senators represent their state, there are two senators for each state. The US head of state is the President.
    America doesn’t have an official language
    Other nations not to have an official language include; Australia, Sweden, Pakistan, Costa Rica, Scotland and England.
    4th of July, 1776
    The Declaration of Independence was signed on the 4th of July 1776, however, the thirteen breakaway British colonies actually resolved they were independent states on the 2nd of July in the Lee Resolution.

    You don’t have to take it all in one go. If you’re moving to America you can place furniture and items in long term or short term storage with Over’s.

    Our complete America storage service includes collection and delivery from your current address, storage in one of our secure purpose built centres and final delivery to your new home in America. We also offer a packing service, video surveys, trained uniformed staff and you’ll have a dedicated Removal’s Coordinator on hand to help guide you through your big relocation and help cut through some of that red tape.

    • Delivery & collection
    • Trained uniformed staff
    • Easy storage
    • Optional packing service
    • Environmentally friendly packing materials
    • Drivers trained to reduce fuel consumption
    • A greener fleet of vehicles to reduce CO2
    • Removal Coordinator assigned to your move

    Storage with ease and a minimum of fuss, talk to our friendly team today to find out how Over’s can help give you a worry-free move and removal plan designed specifically to suit your moves, from total overseas relocation to those heading moving to America for shorter periods.

    Removals to or From America
    Do you need an experienced removals firm to take the stress out of moving your home or business to America? Established in the UK in 1857, and with over 160 years experience in removals by road to America and the rest of Europe, you can be assured that as one of the UK’s longest established removal firms, Over’s of Camberley will take care of every aspect of your move.

    A Removals Service to America by Road
    Over’s of Camberley offers a removals service by road to and from America – a service most of our customers opt for unless their relocation is especially urgent. Whether moving to work or live in America, you can be assured that we’ll take your move as seriously as you do – every step of the way.

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