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Expat Country Guides



Finding work in Sweden
Securing employment in Sweden can be a bit of a challenge. Often, the language barrier can be an issue, but as a native English speaker you will have an advantage among other expatriates...Read More.

Healthcare in Sweden
Sweden has a very good healthcare system when compared to other nations. Everyone who lives and works in Sweden and possess a personnummer will have equal access to heavily subsidized healthcare.Read More.

Education in Sweden
Primary education in Sweden is mandatory for children between the ages of 6/7 and 15/16 and it s free. Children can attend pre-school (förskola) between the ages of 1 to 5....Read More.

Finding Property in Sweden
Finding property in Sweden can be challenging if you're seeking to rent property in Stockholm. The wait for a rental property in Stockholm can be extremely lengthy, specially if you do not choose a second-hand rental...Read More.

Holidays in Sweden
As with many other nations, many Swedish holidays surround, but are not exclusive, to the Christian faith...Read More.

Driving and Transportation in Sweden
Sweden is home to a very secure, reliable and modern network of public transit. Large and small cities are connected by a series of network rails. You can easily commute between one city to another using the national rail system...Read More.

Shopping in Sweden
Sweden has a very high cost of living. That said, you will likely find that the price of goods with the exemption of groceries is higher than in other EU nation...Read More.



Driving in Norway
The road network in Norway is fairly admirable. There are picture perfect roadways towards the South and excellent highways connecting important cities, but the roads in the Scandinavian wilderness and mountain ranges are poorly constructed...Read More.

Education in Norway
Expats moving to Norway can rest assured about the education their children are going to get, since the Norwegian schooling system has a rich 250 year history...Read More.

Healthcare in Norway
According to the United Nations Development program (UNDP), Norway is one of the most fabulous nations you can live and work in...Read More.

Norwegian culture and public holidays
Most British expats face a culture shock in Norway, albeit the pleasant kind that makes them wary about going back to UK again. Norway is colourful, lively, with a brilliant work-life balance that most advanced economies around the world lack...Read More.

Paying bills in Norway
Whether it is paying your house rent, utilities or other bills, most Norwegians prefer Internet banking, credit card, mobile banking and ATM deposit methods. Cheques are largely unheard of and the locals simply don't deal with cash...Read More.

Working in Norway
The jobs are mainly concentrated in the natural gas and petroleum industry, but there is ongoing need for skilled professionals in the IT, healthcare, engineering and the educational line of work...Read More.

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