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Working In Norway

Norway is one of the world's best places you can work. The low unemployment percentage, according to the European Employment Index report prepared in 2010 by Innova Inc, more than 70 percent of the employees are satisfied with their career growth while approximately 62 percent of the expats rate the Norwegian work culture "outstanding".

The jobs are mainly concentrated in the natural gas and petroleum industry, but there is ongoing need for skilled professionals in the IT, healthcare, engineering and the educational line of work.

Work Permits

Every expat must have a valid work permit to be able to work and live in Norway. However, if you belong to an EU or EEA nation, you do not need a separate work permit or residence permit for short term assignments. Thus, British expats can easily go to Norway for temporary work assignments without ever worrying about securing a work permit (or visa, according to the new rules with effect from January 2013).

If your employers are looking to appoint you for a long term period, they must have you registered with the Directorate of Immigration. You can avail of more information about work permits for British nationals onwww.udi.no and www.nav.no.

Remember: You cannot apply for a work permit in Norway. Your employer must recommend you and secure a permit on your behalf.

Finding Jobs In Norway

There are a myriad of jobs available in Norway for qualified and skilled professionals. Getting a job is easy all over the country, you will find some fierce competition in the south, whereas the Northern provinces of Finnmark and Nordland are relatively easier markets to break into.

Communication skills in Norwegian are a must and inability to do so may result in you getting rejected for a majority of assignments. However, most international companies are lenient in this regard and may appoint you, if you have extraordinary job skills and are proficient in written and spoken English.

Certain places to look for jobs include [this online classifieds site] www.aftenposten.no and [this prominent search site] www.finn.no/jobb, amongst others. You could also try looking at a few advertisements in local newspapers and magazines.

The Norwegian Work Culture

Known to be one of the most fascinating work environments in the world, Norway has a 40-hour work week, minimum wages that ensure you live in comfort and a 25-day vacation apart from the paid national holidays every year. Working professionals are permitted to take 100% paid maternity leaves (or paternity leaves) of up to 10 months.

With gender equality, stress-free working place and an enhanced environment available that brings out the best in most expats, it is no surprise that everyone absolutely loves working in Norway.


Citizens of EU nations (Great Britain included) are allowed to freelance, start their own businesses and provide services to clients in Norway with no work permit requirement. However, you will need to earn enough to sustain yourselves and your families while living here, without being dependent on welfare schemes.

There are business permits available if you are willing to start firms in Norway too. You will have to contact the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration to know more.

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