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Finding Property in Sweden

Finding property in Sweden can be challenging if you're seeking to rent property in Stockholm. The wait for a rental property in Stockholm can be extremely lengthy, specially if you do not choose a second-hand rental. For a first-hand rental contract, you need to register with your municipality and must join the rental queue. The wait can vary between 100 days to 10 years for property within central Stockholm.

Long-term visitors to Stockholm are faced with stark choices in which you can join a large queue for a regulated apartment (first-hand), engage in a sublet rental (second-hand) which usually has above average market rates, or purchase property. To get a first-hand contract, you must sign an agreement with the owner of the building, while a second-hand contract will involve signing a contract with someone who owns the apartment or holds the first-hand contract. For the latter, it is recommended that the tenant cooperation board of the building has signed off the second-hand leasing.

As for rentals and subletting, it is best to contact a rental agency or use the local internet classifieds such as Bostad Direkt, Andra Hand and Blocket. Often, firms offer expatriates rental assistance, which are very beneficial, particularly in Stockholm. Notably, Sweden does have a high cost of living when compared to other EU nations, particularly within greater Stockholm.

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