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Finding Work in Sweden

Securing employment in Sweden can be a bit of a challenge. Often, the language barrier can be an issue, but as a native English speaker you will have an advantage among other expatriates. During your stay in Sweden, you will find that many private Swedish firms use English as the official company language, thus securing employment in your field is possible.

Many English expatriates opt to become teachers at international schools. Having a British Post Graduate Certificate in Education is an asset as well as an intermediate level of Swedish. However, the qualifications will vary depending on your teaching level and school board.

As a British citizen, you have the legal right to reside and work in Sweden. However, prior to commencing your employment, it is required that you register with the Swedish immigration and tax office (Migrationsverket and Skatteverket).

You can find work online through company websites or through Arbetsförmedlingen, which is the largest job placement website in Sweden. You may also find work through Stepstone, Thelocal.se or Monster, which are also popular search engines.

Personal Number - personnummer:
A Swedish personnummer is similar to an NI number in the UK with the exemption that you will need it for nearly everything. You will receive an identity number from Skatteverket, this number is called personnummer (or person number) and functions similarly to the National Insurance number. However, you will need your personnummer for many circumstances such as opening a bank account, setting up internet/mobile contracts, online shopping and of course to work.

There are several banks in Sweden, the largest ones being Nordea, SEB, Handelsbanken and Swedbank. Handelsbanken is known to offer online banking in English whereas the others mostly operate in Swedish. It is necessary to have a personnummer in Sweden, as this number will also serve as your bank account number. This number will enable you to engage in many contract situations such as a gym membership, monthly mobile plan, television plan, internet plan and obtaining a library card.

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