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Italy Removals

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    About Italy

    Il Canto Degli Italiani (“Song of the Italians”)
    Goffredo Mameli & Michele Novaro1847Student Goffredo Mameli was just 20 years of age when he wrote the poem Il Canto Degli Italiani (often also known as ‘Fratelli d’Italia’, ‘brothership of Italy’), 2 months later it was put to music by Michele Novaro. The song rose to prominence during the Risorgimento (reestablishment of the Kingdom of Italy), then in 1961 ‘Marcia Reale’ (Royal March) became the official anthem. After WWII when Italy became a republic Il Canto Degli Italiani once again became the song of the Italians.
    il Tricolore
    The 31st of December is by law Festa del Tricolore, or Flag Day. First seen as a military flag in 1796 it was first recognised as a flag of an independent Italian state in 1797. The Italian states and nations that followed fell in and out of love with the flag until 1961 when it became the national flag for the Italian Republic.
    Italy doesn’t have an official national motto.
    Emblema della Repubblica Italiana (Emblem of the Italian Republic)Comprising of a star, a cogwheel, an olive branch and an oak branch, the emblem came into use on the 5th May 1948, shortly after the birth of the Italian Republic. The Stella d’Italia (Star of Italy) at the centre of the design dates back to ancient Greece, the cogwheel represents a nation built on labour. The olive and oak branches symbolise peace and strength.
    Italian Sparrow
    Similar to the common sparrow, the passer Italiae prefers warmer climbs and can be found in Northern Italy, down as far as Malta.
    Lily flower
    Considered as a sign of purity, innocence, goodwill, and love, the lily is the perfect flower for a romantic and passionate nation.
    Not so much a sport, football in Italy has almost religious significance. There are more sports newspapers than there are regular news publications. On average, Italian politics gets a fraction of the column inches dedicated to Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Lazio, Roma… When a match-fixing scandal broke in 2011/12 it was the biggest news in the country. Hugely successful on the international stage, Italian clubs have repeatedly won the big trophies, while the national side is one of the most decorated in the world.
    Italian Wolf
    Canis lupus Italicus is a sub-species of the grey wolf. Its links to the nation date back as far as the legends of the founding of Rome. The wolf became a protected species in the 1970s, after numbers went into decline. Now on the increase, it has spread to neighbouring France and Switzerland.
    spaghetti bolognese
    Ragu alla Bolognese
    Known to English palates as ‘spaghetti bolognese’, the dish’s roots come from Imola, a town near Bologne that is also famous for its international racing track. Surprisingly, the first recorded recipe only dates back to the 18th century but it is most likely the dish is much older and was passed down by word of mouth at a time when most people couldn’t read or write.
    Parlamento Italiano
    The Italian parliament comprises of two houses, the Chamber of Deputies, voted in by the entire country) and the Senate of the Republic, appointed on a regional basis and featuring some life-time senators. Life-time senators are appointed by the President and there are no more than 5 life-time senators at any one time.
    While Rome dates back over 3,000 years, what is now the current Italian Republic didn’t officially exist until 1831 when it first became the Kingdom of Italy. It has undergone some major changes, including overthrowing the monarchy, fascist rule and German occupation but remains a major force in European and world politics.

    You don’t have to take it all in one go. If you’re moving to Italy you can place furniture and items in long term or short term storage with Over’s.

    Our complete Italy storage service includes collection and delivery from your current address, storage in one of our secure purpose built centres and final delivery to your new home in Italy. We also offer a packing service, video surveys, trained uniformed staff and you’ll have a dedicated Removal’s Coordinator on hand to help guide you through your big relocation and help cut through some of that red tape.

    • Delivery & collection
    • Trained uniformed staff
    • Easy storage
    • Optional packing service
    • Environmentally friendly packing materials
    • Drivers trained to reduce fuel consumption
    • A greener fleet of vehicles to reduce CO2
    • Removal Coordinator assigned to your move

    Storage with ease and a minimum of fuss, talk to our friendly team today to find out how Over’s can help give you a worry-free move and removal plan designed specifically to suit your moves, from total overseas relocation to those heading moving to Italy for shorter periods.

    Removals to or From Italy
    Do you need an experienced removals firm to take the stress out of moving your home or business to Italy? Established in the UK in 1857, and with over 160 years experience in removals by road to Italy and the rest of Europe, you can be assured that as one of the UK’s longest established removal firms, Over’s of Camberley will take care of every aspect of your move.

    A Removals Service to Italy by Road
    Over’s of Camberley offers a removals service by road to and from Italy – a service most of our customers opt for unless their relocation is especially urgent. Whether moving to work or live in Italy, you can be assured that we’ll take your move as seriously as you do – every step of the way.

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