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    About Switzerland

    Schweizerpsalm (Swiss Psalm)
    Albert Zwyssig
    The original Swiss anthem had been in decline since the 1960s, When You Call, My Country, was based on the tune of God Save the Queen which many Swiss felt overshadowed their own anthem. On the 1st of April 1981 Schweizerpsalm became the official anthem. Originally written in German, the song can be sung in any one of the nation’s four official languages. In 2013 a competition was held to rewrite/modernise the lyrics, the competition went to judges, whittled down to a final three and a national final held on TV. The lyrics haven’t been made official (German remains the preferred version), but curiously the winning lyrics of White Cross on a Shining Red are in English which is not one of the national languages.
    Schweizerfahne (Swiss Flag)
    Officially adopted in 1841, the white cross was first used in 1339 when Swiss knights painted it on armour and shields to recognise each other in battle. It is one of only two national/state flags that are square, the other one belonging to the Vatican City (which concididentally is protected by the Swiss Guard).
    No official motto.
    Although there is no official state motto, “Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno.” (one for all, all for one) is often quoted as the Swiss motto after it was used in 1868 by the government to help raise aid following a series of natural disasters.
    Swiss cross – white cross, red background
    Brightly coloured, turaco are also found in Africa.
    Switzerland Edelweiss
    Although it doesn’t have official status, Edelweiss has been seen as a symbol of Switzerland since the 19th century.
    Meaning‚ to swing’ schwingen is a form a wrestling, that came from the Swiss farming community. The opponents wear shorts, the two combatants stand in a ring of sawdust, then grip each other’s shorts and try to flip each other from a standing position onto their back. There are no weight classes, so the sport favours heaver/taller fighters. Traditionally at the end of each bout the winner brushes sawdust off the loser’s back.
    There is no official animal but Switzerland is associated with alpine cattle. The mighty St Bernard also deserves a mention.
    A type of pancake or patty made with grated potatoes and egg. It can be served as a side dish or as a main meal when adding other ingredients such as cheese, cream, bacon, veal, sausages or any other favourites. Often seen as a way of using up leftovers, it’s quick, easy and very tasty.
    The Federal Assembly
    Meeting in the Bern in Federal Place, the Federal Assembly is split into two houses, the larger National Council, and the smaller Council of States. The two houses do come together on occasions to elect a Chancellor (Prime Minister), federal judges and in extreme emergencies.
    German, French, Italian, Romansh.
    12 September 1848
    Switzerland was first recognised as an independent state in 1291, however its current constitutional form as ‘Switzerland’ came in 1948, ending the Confoederatio Helvetica.

    You don’t have to take it all in one go. If you’re moving to Switzerland you can place furniture and items in long term or short term storage with Over’s.

    Our complete Switzerland storage service includes collection and delivery from your current address, storage in one of our secure purpose built centres and final delivery to your new home in Switzerland. We also offer a packing service, video surveys, trained uniformed staff and you’ll have a dedicated Removal’s Coordinator on hand to help guide you through your big relocation and help cut through some of that red tape.

    • Delivery & collection
    • Trained uniformed staff
    • Easy storage
    • Optional packing service
    • Environmentally friendly packing materials
    • Drivers trained to reduce fuel consumption
    • A greener fleet of vehicles to reduce CO2
    • Removal Coordinator assigned to your move

    Storage with ease and a minimum of fuss, talk to our friendly team today to find out how Over’s can help give you a worry-free move and removal plan designed specifically to suit your moves, from total overseas relocation to those heading moving to Switzerland for shorter periods.

    Removals to or From Switzerland
    Do you need an experienced removals firm to take the stress out of moving your home or business to Switzerland? Established in the UK in 1857, and with over 160 years experience in removals by road to Switzerland and the rest of Europe, you can be assured that as one of the UK’s longest established removal firms, Over’s of Camberley will take care of every aspect of your move.

    A Removals Service to Switzerland by Road
    Over’s of Camberley offers a removals service by road to and from Switzerland – a service most of our customers opt for unless their relocation is especially urgent. Whether moving to work or live in Switzerland, you can be assured that we’ll take your move as seriously as you do – every step of the way.

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