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    Family Owned
    Business Est. 1857

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    British Association
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    Member of The
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    Our Waterlooville Removals Service Includes…  

    • Uniformed Crew
      Uniformed Crew
      Our trained crews are DBS checked and carry photo ID.
    • Mileage
      There are no hidden costs. All our quotes include mileage.
    • Goods in Transit Cover
      Goods in Transit Cover
      Restricted liability is provided as standard.*
    • Robe Cartons
      Robe Cartons
      Clothes travel in style in our robe cartons.
    • Covers & Blankets
      Covers & Blankets
      Slot-on, padded covers protect white goods and furniture.
    • Carbon Footprint Offsetting
      Carbon Footprint Offsetting
      To offset carbon emissions we’re planting 2,000 trees.
    • Used Box Recycling Service
      Used Box Recycling Service
      We’ll collect your flat boxes for recycling (or reuse).**
    • Recycled Materials
      Recycled Materials
      We use recycled/recyclable materials where possible.
    • Biodegradable Mattress Bags
      Biodegradable Mattress Bags
      Mattress bags are used once, then recycled.
    • Carpet Runners
      Carpet Runners
      Floor protection is available for both locations.**

    *Other options are available.
    **Fees may apply.

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    5 Quickfire Waterlooville Facts

    1. Name Game
      Some pubs are named after their towns, but Waterlooville was named after its pub. Five plots of land had been sold and built on, one of these was a pub. On the day it opened troops, freshly disembarked after their heroics at the Battle of Waterloo stopped off for a beer or two (as soldiers often do). The pub took the name The Heroes of Waterloo and later to distinguish itself from other places named Waterloo (the name was suddenly all the rage), the settlement declared itself ‘Waterlooville’.
    2. Pub-tastic
      Nearby Cowplain followed the trend and took its name from the Spotted Cow inn. We have no idea how the village of The Old Dog & Duck got its name.
    3. Taxman
      Until 1858 Waterlooville was not included in any parish (‘extra-parochial’) and therefore residents didn’t have to pay parish rates. In fact they paid no rates at all!
    4. The Real Waterloo
      It’s not just a toe tapping, flag waving, flare waring, 70’s dance tune, the Battle of Waterloo was hugely significant. Having escaped from exile (he’d been stranded on the Island of Elba by the British), in just 100 days, Napoleon Bonaparte raised an army of over 100,000 troops. ‘Old Boney’ moved across Europe quickly (capturing Paris on the way) and was set on conquering all of Europe, in particular Britain. Waterloo was the decisive conflict that not only stopped Napoleon but saved Great Britain from certain invasion.
    5. War Effort
      To escape bombing raids in WWII, Portsmouth residents would head to villages like Waterlooville and Horndean where locals would open their sheds, barns and other buildings and provided blankets, pillows and food for families in need.

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    Darryn and Kyle, the two removal men were just brilliant in carrying out their duties. Nothing was too much trouble. They are an asset to your company and great Ambassadors for your business. My wife and I felt on occasions they went above and beyond the normal service and went out of their way to help ease the process and stress of moving.

    - Andy Cookson – June 2021

    The two crew movers that moved me are exceptional. Polite, hardworking, and professional. Nothing was too much, no problems or complaints. They packed, moved me out, and moved me in. Constantly ensuring everything was where I wanted it and fine tune placement of my items. I could not have moved in without their, and the team at Armishaws efforts. Thank you for getting (injured) me, and my family in our new home safe and complete.

    - Alan Edmunds - June 2021

    Excellent removals experience on a two day local move in Somerset. Despite hail, the removals men did a fantastic job, and kept a sense of humour throughout. Nothing was too much trouble putting things where we wanted them in various sheds when we arrived. Toby and Ben made the experience SO much more fun, and less stressful. Cannot recommend them too highly.

    - Helen Williams – May 2021

    Early Days

    As the name suggests, Waterlooville didn’t begin life until after the greatest and at that time bloodiest battle in British military history.


    Over's Removals

    The Battle of Waterloo made a huge impression on the national psyche, Britons feared an invasion from Napoleon Bonaparte and Waterloo really was seen as the last stand. The incredible victory saw a great many places named after the battle (such as London’s famous train station), however the Hampshire village, which started to form in 1815, actually took its name from a pub (in true Hampshire style). Situated in the Forest of Bere, the Heroes of Waterloo was hastily named to attract soldiers returning from the battle and passing through on their way home. It was one of 5 buildings and as the village grew, eventually to distinguish itself from other ‘Waterloos’ it changed Its name to Waterlooville.

    Prior to this there was just a scattering of villages with, according to a census in 1801, a combined population of less than a thousand. At this time, villages were split into Parishes, run by the local church. People living within the parish would pay their taxes. When it first began, Waterlooville was ‘extra-parochial’, meaning it didn’t sit in any parish, so those living there didn’t pay any rates (happy days!).

    More houses and buildings soon followed and by 1829 a village had grown, so much so that St George’s Church was built, making it a parish, and therefore taxes would need to be paid (booo!). By 1850 the village’s population was still less than 200. In 1858 Waterlooville was divided into 2 parts by the crossroads that bisected it. The area south became the Parish of Farlington and to the north the Parish of Catherington.

    Another new village had sprung up just to the north of Waterloo, Cowplain first appeared on maps in the 1860s close to an inn called the Spotted Cow and it’s believed that once again, the place was named after its pub.


    In 1904 Waterlooville gained gas street lighting and in 1907 things got even more civilised when a golf course was opened. The town had also gained industry,

    Harold Wadham started a company manufacturing bicycles in 1900. When his brother Wilbur joined the company 5 years later they started making big plans, by 1908 they were making coaches and in 1932 had moved on to making ambulances.

    Waterlooville then really took off, in 1958 the population was 2,881, and by 1971 it was 10,000. In total around 9,000 new homes were built and at the time Waterlooville was the fastest growing town in Britain. The 80’s saw another boom and the arrival of GEC Marconi who opened a factory building components for Stingray anti-submarine torpedoes. A peace camp was set up near the construction site in protest which held a major music festival to attract more attention. As the town grew it swallowed up many of the original villages, including Cowplain.

    Over's Truck

    Modern Day

    Today the love of good times and indeed welcoming pubs, good food and life in general can still be found here, along with excellent transport links, proximity to a major airport, quick route to the seaside, and miles of open countryside right on the doorstep, it’s little wonder Waterlooville removals are on the rise.

    Waterlooville Removals Company
    Whether you are moving to or from Waterlooville, or beyond, we pride ourselves on making the experience as hassle-free and streamlined as possible. With over 160 years of experience as a leading UK removal company, our personable, expert removals team will take the stress out of moving home or office.

    The benefit of ‘staying local’ when booking Waterlooville removals…

    • Employing a local removals company in Waterlooville means we spend less travelling time to your residence.
    • Unrivalled geographical knowledge of Waterlooville & the surrounding areas.
    • We know the traffic flow, best times of day to move and where to park.
    • We offer overnight storage (or for as long as you require) at our nearby Hampshire-based storage facilities.
    • Our size allows us to be more competitive than many other local removal companies across Hampshire, Surrey & Berkshire
    • Free removal estimates and removals advice before, during and after your move!
    • We employ local people doing local work

    Secure Household Storage in Waterlooville
    Are you a homeowner requiring long or short term household storage for furniture and personal effects for which you no longer have room? Do you need secure flexible household storage at short notice, with the minimum of fuss?

    With our multiple, large, secure purpose-built Hampshire storage facilities located in Aldershot, Farnborough and Petersfield, we can cater for all your storage needs. We can also arrange to collect and storage your belongings on your behalf. Please visit our Storage Service for further details.

    Why use Over’s for your storage needs?

    • Our household & commercial storage prices are cheaper than most other storage facilities in Hampshire and Surrey
    • Flexible storage – we can even deliver, collect and store your belongings for you
    • Friendly staff available on site: our experienced warehouse staff will be on hand to assist customers with packaging, loading and unloading.
    • Our facilities incorporate the latest sophisticated fire and security systems

    Of course, it’s not just the calibre of our personnel that matters. We are also proud of our modern fleet of specialised removal vehicles, lifting equipment, packaging and dedicated storage facilities to help us best cater to all your storage requirements.

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